Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The "Introduction" Post

I suppose it's mandatory.  That first blog post that is inevitably awkward and unavoidably uninteresting.  It is, however, necessary to provide some insight into what this blog is about.  This blog is my outlet.  My way to anonymously complain about the people and the situations I come in contact with on a daily basis.  I will talk about work--as much as I'm able to without breaking any laws--but not always.  This blog will be used as a way for me to keep record of the people I meet, the things I see, and sometimes to rant about something that pisses me off. I'm not a huge fan of profanity, nor do I condone its use...but I have been known, on occasion, to use a colorful word or two.  Don't be surprised if I let something slip from time to time.
A little introduction to me...Although I will remain anonymous I can tell you I'm a registered nurse in the pediatric field. I'm a huge fan of classic movies and my role models are two very different people.  Barbara Stanwyck--for her sassy, ballsy attitude--and Carol Burnett--for her cheerful, funny approach to life and her work.  Whenever I'm in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable situation, I find myself channeling one of these two women--depending on what the situation calls for.
I'm an animal lover.  I am the mother of two fur babies (dogs) and, although I don't own one, I adore horses.  Maybe someday I'll have a horse of my own!
I hope you enjoy this blog, and my take on life and the world around me. 

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