Sunday, April 1, 2012

Carol Burnett

So, a couple of things happened in my life yesterday involving Carol Burnett.  In this day and age, it isn't really typical for Carol Burnett to be brought up more than once in the same day in the average person's life; however, seeing that it did happen yesterday and I'm a huge Carol fan, I felt it necessary to revisit the events here on my blog.

Let me begin by explaining how a typical 20-something girl came to adore Carol Burnett when most people my age don't even know who she is.  My grandmother is a fan of Carol's and when I would spend the night with her, we would often watch re-runs of The Carol Burnett Show.  If you're a young person who hasn't had the privilege of seeing this show, do yourself a favor and check it out on YouTube.  Most of the greatest skits can be found there.  Anyway, I was also a huge fan of musicals and fell in love with John Huston's hit Annie the first time I saw it.  And although Aileen Quinn was adorable in the title role, it was Carol Burnett's Miss Hannigan that won my heart.  I don't remember a time in my life that I didn't love Carol, so needless to say when I have the opportunity to share my thoughts about her with someone else, I am always happy to oblige.

The first incident was at a local ice cream parlor.  Myself and a group of friends were sitting around the table enjoying our ice cream, when one of them pulled up a clip from the Carol Burnett Show on his iPhone for us all to watch.  He had seen it in an email containing funny videos and wanted to share it with us.  

(View the clip here)  Being the fan that I am, of course I had seen the clip before.  Everyone laughed and enjoyed the clip immensely, which led to us looking up other clips from the show on our phones.  We sat there for a good 30 minutes watching Carol Burnett clips and laughing like a bunch of idiots.  I'm sure the others in the restaurant thought we were nuts.  I didn't gush about Carol and how much I love her, but I did make sure my friends saw what I think are some of the funniest clips from her show.
After watching Carol clips for a while, someone realized where they had seen her before--as Miss Hannigan in Annie.  This person then proceeded to explain that they liked Kathy Bates in the made-for-TV version of Annie which came out in the late '90s better...

*insert "Shit Just Got Real" gif*

There is no way ANYONE will ever be able to compare to Carol Burnett's Miss Hannigan.  I do like Kathy Bates, don't get me wrong.  I loved her in Titanic and Fried Green Tomatoes, but if you're trying to convince me that she did a better job as Miss Hannigan than Carol did--well, you're barking up the wrong tree...but don't let me influence you.  Watch both versions and see for yourself!  They're both good.  And I'll say it--I prefer Victor Garber's Daddy Warbucks to Albert Finney's.  I regret nothing!  But Carol Burnett MADE Miss Hannigan.  


  1. There will never be anyone like Carol Burnett, she is my all-time favorite funny lady. And yes you are correct, she was the best Miss Hannigan. Thanks for linking to her videos, it was a nice trip down memory lane for me..Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for your comment! There will be more Carol on my blog in the future I'm sure...