Monday, April 9, 2012

The Fur Babies And Their Ailments

Sophie-The Special Needs Dachshund
Dixie-The Chug
So I have two of the most adorable dogs on the planet.  They are two little furballs and my constant companions.  They love me more than any person I know, and if I'm not careful I'm likely to slip into a "dog lady" lifestyle.  Like a cat lady...without the overpowering stench of urine all over the house.  Anyway, as I was saying, I adore my dogs.  One is a chug (a chihuahua-pug mix) and she is the most precious, well-behaved animal I've ever owned.  Then there's my dachshund mix.  I call her my "special needs" dog because she has so many issues that require constant care.  She has insane separation anxiety.  To the point that if she isn't medicated, she destroys my home and my belongings (and even has been known to hurt herself) whenever I leave.  I also think that she has ADHD...if dogs can have that.  If they can get diabetes, I think they can have ADHD.  My friends all her P.D. (psycho dog) and I have to say that, although cruel, the nickname is accurate.  Well, I went on a cruise and left her with my aunt who lives in the country and has a huge yard for the girls to play in.  Apparently sometime while we were gone, she got into something that caused her to develop Campylobacteriosis...which is basically doggie dysentery.  It is the most horrible, foul illness I have ever encountered (I'll spare you the details).  And of course, she spread it to the other dog.  My days and nights (when not at work) have been spent taking dogs outside every few minutes...poking pills down their throats...MISERY.  And it takes forever for them to get over it.  I haven't had a full night's sleep in a week.  When I'm at work, I always dread coming home because there will inevitably be a nice mess waiting for me...I'm having to isolate them in my laundry room while I'm gone.  It's a nightmare.  Sorry for spending an entire post talking about my dogs' digestive problems, but that has literally been my life for the last week.  Despite their tummy troubles, they are precious...I leave you with a photo of my angels.

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